Kentucky Mobile Notary, LLC

Kentucky Mobile Notary, LLC

3301 Old Hartford Rd

Owensboro, KY  42303

Phone & Text (270) 314-3020

E Mail:

Notary Public Kentucky On Wheels is a mobile Notary Service that covers a 50 mile radius around Owensboro, Kentucky.  We come to your location to Notarize your important documents.  Whether its vehicle titles, mortgage documents, contracts, administering an oath (jurat), proof of execution or acknowledgement of instruments we will be there to make it convenient for you.  We can also assist in depositons, affidavits, hearings and government documents.

We will verify identification by:

 1.  A Photo ID 

2.  Accurate Physical Description of the Bearer

3.  Signature of Bearer.

Our Prices will range from $10 and up dependent on quantity of documents and travel time.  Call, Text, or E Mail  for a quote or to set up an appointment.  Our service is second to none.  

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